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Finding Happiness and Wellbeing

Singing carols is fun, but it can also bring a sense of peace and wholeness to our busy lives

Singing Carols Can Bring Balance And Healing At Christmas

Those carolers at your door or that trip to sing carols at your church have something in common – singing together inspires and connects us. It is good for us. Stacy Horn discovered this one Christmas when she was suffering from anxiety and desperately looking for a way to stop the destructive behaviours she was engaged […]
December 20, 2014




Gala Events, Conferences and Sensible Shoes

I recently read a humorous blog on the perils of attending conferences or gala events as a middle-aged woman and felt inspired to chime in on the joys and pitfalls. Long gone are the days when I attempted a high fashion look that felt awkward. I grew up living in the shadow of Twiggy and […]
December 20, 2014