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When I tell people that I sell on Amazon they usually get excited. And that is for a reason – everyone has heard of how great of an opportunity it is, but never delve any deeper. Usually people start conversations with me and have assumptions:

Well, Amazon is just ‘’another website’’
It really matters not where you sell
Selling on Amazon has to be difficult
It’s really hard to compete with Amazon itself for sales
Amazon is too crowded a market today
So the purpose of this blog post is to describe what Amazon marketplace truly is, and what opportunities it has to offer for it’s sellers. And, believe me, opportunities are countless!

What is Amazon?
Amazon truly is the king of e-commerce! Social-media junkies use Facebook to engage with friends, all of us first ask Google for any information, and internet buyers always go to Amazon. That’s how strong this marketplace is. It’s big, friendly and professional. Amazon has spent so much time and effort making people feel safe buying products online, that now it’s changing the whole retail commerce landscape. From fear of online shopping people turned to actually loving shopping online more than any other way of shopping. And who can argue with the comfort of your chair compared to the crowded malls. And it all thanks to Amazon!

People’s trust to Amazon has increased so high that it is simply silly, not to list your products on Amazon if you are into commerce. Even if you are not, Amazon makes it very easy for new sellers to come on board and make a good living for themselves.

Amazon is expected to reach $100 billion in sales annually, with over 40% of that amount thanks to third party sellers. That’s big money, confirming how much of an opportunity it is for both new and established sellers.

Who can sell on Amazon?
Everyone! Amazon has made it very simple for any sellers to get on board and start selling right that moment.

Check my video on how easy it is to create a professional seller account within just 5 minutes:

Amazon is a great place if you are looking to:

Expand your business presence online
Sell items as a part of your retail arbitrage
Launch a your new private label product and skyrocket your sales through built in listing promotion services on Amazon Seller Central
Amazon service is so well-built that with just a little effort even the least tech-savvy person can grasp the idea of how to dominate on Amazon. And selling on Amazon is really worth it.

With a superb Amazon service called FBA, any person can launch his Amazon business right from the convenience of your home! FBA is a special paid service for sellers that lets you use Amazon storage capacity, shipping services and support services. This means that you do not need to rent a pricy warehouse to store your merchandise, when you can send items directly to Amazon for a small fee, that later handles all your deliveries and customer support for you!

FBA service by Amazon opens great opportunities for private label sellers, when they can ship their merchandise from factories across the world directly to Amazon for later fulfillment, given products are properly labeled.

Why does selling on Amazon works?
With that much trust built over the years to online shopping, shoppers now prefer having items delivered at their door. You have probably noticed that most items are even priced higher on Amazon (even though some items may be found actually cheaper), then they are in your next-door mall. How paradoxical that may sound, even with a higher price online buyers are willing to spend few more bucks for a convenience of a product delivered at their door next day. And there are people who aren’t price conscious. And It’s always better for snowed-down family to get an item delivered rather than spend hours on roundtrips to a mall just to get that item.

The secret of Amazon’s fast delivery is based on their Amazon Prime Service! It provides users with great benefits, that has them hooked up right away:

Free 2 Day shipping on all Amazon fulfilled orders
$3.99 Next Day shipping on all Amazon fulfilled orders
Free streaming movies and TV episodes
Automatic delivery (with a discount) on some of your most used items
Hassle free returns
No other online commerce platform comes even close to this, thus attracting more and more users for Amazon each year.

So if all of your customers are on Amazon, why are you still hesitating to become Amazon seller?

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