Top 3 Tips to Drop Fat Before the Summer


Getting Balance  Top 3 Tips to Drop Fat Before the Summer weight loss low carb ketogenic diet HIIT   As the weather begins to grow warmer, our thoughts often turn to weight loss before bathing suit season is here. Year after year, many of us begin this process but fall short of our goals. If you’re ready to finally achieve that summer-ready body, and drop some fat you’ve come to the right place to learn.  Our top 3 tips to drop fat before the summer include:

1) How a ketogenic diet may be the fat burning key you’ve been missing
2) What HIIT workouts are and how they can burn more fat in less time
3) Why establishing a better relationship with food is essential to your health

Tip 1: Turn Your Body into a Fat-Burning Machine
You’ve likely heard of the ketogenic diet but may not know why it’s perfect for zapping your excess fat. Food consists of three basic macronutrients: carbohydrates, fats, and protein. The keto diet is essentially eating fewer carbohydrates and more fats to put your body into a state called ketosis.  Ketosis is a state of burning stored fat rather than carbohydrates for energy.

While it probably seems counterintuitive to eat fat to lose fat, keep in mind that the healthy fats you eat and the way your body creates/stores fat are very different things. Without providing carbohydrates to our bodies, our bodies turn to stored energy (body fat) to fulfill that energy need.

In the keto diet, you can expect your meals to consist of mostly healthy fats with some protein and very few carbohydrates (vegetables). Keep in mind that fats have more calories per gram than proteins or carbohydrates, so counting your calories is essential to not overeating.  Whatever diet you are on, whether the ketogenic diet or a standard calorie reduced diet, a calorie deficit is a requirement to lose weight..meaning you must burn more calories than you take in to achieve weight loss.

This may seem intimidating to do with such a big change in your way of eating, but a great way to get started the ketogenic diet is with a weight loss meal plan that takes the guessing out of what to eat.

Tip 2: Increase Your Metabolism and Extend Calorie Burn
These days, we are busier than ever and squeezing in a workout can be challenging. One of the best ways to burn fat without sacrificing as much time is high-intensity interval training, often referred to as HIIT. Some of the major benefits of HIIT training are:

-It burns more calories in less time than steady-state cardio like running
-It keeps your calorie burn going long after your workout is over – up to 24 hours according to a study done at East Tennessee State University
-It can help you build muscle (which boosts your calorie burn even more!)
-It’s great for cardiovascular health and can even lower blood pressure

Ready to give it a try? There are many variations to doing HIIT, but the main idea is to exercise at above 75% effort for a short period of time, then rest and repeat. For example, you could rotate quickly jumping rope for 20 seconds and then slowly jogging in place for 10 seconds until 20 minutes has passed. Or sprint down the long sections of a track and walk around the curves. HIIT can be done with almost any kind of exercise, so mix it up and use different muscle groups to really maximize your results.

Tip 3: Redefine Your Relationship with Food
Getting together with our friends and family usually revolves around food, often destroying our otherwise good eating habits. Food is meant to fuel your body and learning to look at it that way can be life-changing. As you begin to eat better, you’ll learn to eat foods that meet needs rather than satisfy cravings. Most likely, you’ll find some of your favorite unhealthy snacks eventually become unappealing since your brain no longer associates bad food with good feelings.

Another issue many struggle with is emotional eating. Sometimes, our response to stress or anxiety is to find that mood boost from food, often without realizing it. Try finding another outlet for your emotions such as meditating or writing your feelings down in a journal. Following a structured diet like the keto diet is also a great way to connect with food in a healthier way. Slowing down and really tasting each bite of a meal can also be beneficial. If you find that you’re still struggling to stop binging when you’re feeling down, joining a support group or finding a life coach can be helpful in resolving this struggle.

Ready, Set, Go!
If the thought of putting on your favorite pair of shorts or a great bathing suit gives you anxiety, following our three easy tips can get your pre-summer weight loss off and running (literally!). More importantly, you will also be taking steps to lead a healthier, more fulfilling life for years to come.

Author Bio:  Janine Einhellig is owner and author at, a website focused on helping people achieve success on the ketogenic diet through information, meal plans and coaching.  Janine enjoys writing and operating Keto Domain because of the great impacts the ketogenic diet can have on quality of life.