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Osteoarthritis: 10 Tips for Self-Care at Home

What differentiates osteoarthritis from regular arthritis is that it typically affects joints exclusively. The disease results from cartilage breakdown, as well as the deterioration of underlying bone. Therefore, the most common symptoms can be boiled down to pain and stiffness.   At first, the incidence of these symptoms may occur after strenuous physical labor. Over time, it may become constant....

Running On Empty: Mom Burnout Takes Its Toll

Women are told that being a mom is the most rewarding experience of their lifetime. Women are also told that they can have it all -- parenthood, families, career, relationships, and community involvement. Women are not told, however, that by juggling all these hats they put themselves at risk for ... Mom Burnout. We become so busy taking care of kids,...

Want to Be Happy? Get Healthy!

  It’s an odd time of the year to be reflecting on the previous year — that’s something we usually reserve for December. For the last couple of weeks, though, I have been thinking about how to help more people in an even bigger way. My clients have made tremendous gains, from yes, weight loss, to career promotions and financial...

Productivity: How To Get More Done Every Day? Take A Break

Start a Business: Tips, Tricks and Resources For Women
We want to do it all. Or, perhaps, we feel the pressure to do it all. Work-related pressures, fulfilling family obligations, taking care of household responsibilities, helping out friends, and being a committed community member.  We run, run, run to make everything happen. We start squeezing more into the day. Until, well, until something breaks. We cancel appointments. We let...

3 Happiness Truths | Facts Is A Good Knowledge

Happiness Since we kicked off the 2014 Happiness Plan, I have done a fair amount of reading on happiness. Three truths seem to reoccur throughout all my reading. 1.) Happiness takes commitment: No one can invite happiness into your life but you and it takes a commitment to practice happiness. That’s not to say it will be hard, in some cases...

What Are You Hungry For? Real Life Tips to Beat Cravings

Craving Spicy
I'm ravenous, and craving strange things, specifically peanut M&Ms. I don't think I've eaten an M&M since I was 16, but I can't stop thinking about them. I want salty AND sweet AND crunchy, all at the same time, and my usual wellness-counselor-approved fix of dried apricots and almonds isn't cutting it. Today I ate early breakfast, late breakfast, a huge lunch,...