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3 Amazing Ways Reading Can Boost Your Confidence To Make You Feel Better

If you love reading a good book, you're not alone. Millions of people around the world are enjoying the act of reading, and billions have embraced it for centuries. Yet there are many people who don't read for fun, and you might be one of them. Even if you do read, you might not know how reading can be...

Great Summer Reads | Summer Reading List 2015

It seems like every summer, there's at least one book that captures everyone's attention and becomes the novel of the summer.  Everywhere you look, people are reading it by the poolside, carrying it with them as they hurry to their gate in the airport, and discussing its virtues during their monthly book club.   The good news is, there are so many...

Recharge Your Brain with a Reading Holiday

Getting Balance circle
  As an entrepreneur, it’s important to have downtime to recharge the creative batteries. Wander through a museum, take a mini-break weekend, or, one of my favorites, dive into a great novel. Recent scientific studies at Emory University revealed that reading novels can measurably improve cognitive brain functioning and heighten language comprehension and communication skills. Reading is a Brain Vacation Reading fiction...

Books Before Vegetables: 12 Reasons Why Working Moms Shouldn’t Slack on Reading

Getting Balance
My nine-year-old son came out of his room with The One and Only Ivan in his hand, a tear in his eye, and said, “That was the sweetest book I’ve ever read.”  When I asked him why, he answered, “The gorilla made a promise to the elephant.  And he kept it.” We had started Katherine Applegate’s Ivan together, as we...

Having It All: Moms on the Brink, A Book Review

My kids were covered in the remains of bribe-food – you know, the stuff you buy on the highway in the hopes that your insanely loud children will chew quietly for a half hour?  We’d just arrived at my parents’ house for Labor Day weekend.  My kids were thinking: aquarium, amusement park and ATV rides with grandpa.  I was...

Sex Tips from a Bookworm

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There was one vacation long ago (I don’t remember where, I just remember the lounge chairs), when my husband and I read The Firm together.  He would tear chapters off to pass to me as he finished them.  And I’d sneak the book to read ahead while he was getting us more of those banana drinks.  It was a...

It’s Not You, It’s Me: How to Dump a Book

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“Summer reading list” after “summer reading list” has seduced me at this point in August.  For all the articles and email-forwards on the subject, it might seem that summer is the only time anyone reads.  Or perhaps it is the time when one feels one should read – a throwback to required summer reading in high school. This week I...
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