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Finding the Perfect Dress for Your Body Shape

In today’s oversaturated media landscape, we are constantly bombarded with images of what the ideal body shape is. The body images that ads generally portray greatly affects our own self-esteem and body image. Women and young girls need to understand that The beauty of womankind is that we all come in different shapes, colors and sizes. And we all know...

Best Sweater Coats for the Fall

Nothing is nicer in the fall than cozying up around a campfire enjoying the crisp air and falling leaves. However, even as the days can still be warm, the nights can get a little chilly. If you need more heat than just the blanket you’re cuddled under, a sweater coat can do the trick. Unlike the bulky and heavy...

Top 5 Best Fashion for Summer

Top 5 Best Fashion for Summer
Top 5 Best Fashion for Summer Beyond a great sundress and some linen there are at least five items that are essential to get through the summer in comfort without sacrificing style. The keep you looking pulled together and, importantly, comfortable in a variety of climates and circumstances. I suffered through far too many icy cold offices and airplanes,  sweltering...

Why Celebrities Look Perfect…Even On Their Day Off

In our celebrity-focused pop culture, we are surrounded by images and photographs of people that – let’s face it – always look perfect.  What we don’t see is the prep time, the planning, and all the little things celebrities do to achieve the “easy” flawless looks they portray. An often-ignored part of their appearance is undergarments.  But think about it...

Bringing Style Outdoors

Bringing Style Outdoors
A recent trip to the great outdoors (hiking/camping) presented me with quite the dilemma: what do I wear?  Before I left on this trip, I rifled through my closet, which is filled with silk and chiffon tops, premium denim, and cute flats and heels.  It shortly became obvious that none of these would survive a week in the woods. ...

In Balance

In Balance
Balance is the buzzword these days, and it seems we’re all trying to balance our lives: balance our work and time with our families, balance our schedules, and balance just about everything. There is an unspoken belief that if only we could achieve balance, we would be happy and everything would be all right. The difficulty of this idea of...