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4 Common Signs that Someone May be Depressed

The world around us is built on contradictions: magnificent nature, unbelievable achievements in medicine and technology, majestic buildings and amazing works of art; and at the same time, it is full of sorrow, wars, human aggression, and injustice. We all have seen and lived through this and felt disappointed and sad because of it. However, there’s a difference between...

Helping a Depressed Child

Helping a Depressed Child
Depressed Child How to Help a Depressed Child Whether your child has been diagnosed with depression or you are concerned about a change in their normal behavior, it pays to be aware of the signs and symptoms of depressive episodes in teens and children and how to deal with these episodes of Depressed Child. First of all, talk with your child's doctor about the...

Depression: Choose Hope

I am fine
Depression: Choose Hope Tuesday was a strange day.  My eldest daughter received fantastic exam results, a client made a massive break through in his second session with me and now feels much more relaxed about his future and the sun was shining. It was a warm day and I headed down my street the the Post Office to post a parcel...

Change Your Focus – Change Your Experience

Change Your Focus – Change Your Experience Neil Findlay was a guest on The Empowerment Show recently. In this episode, we discussed his charity work. He helps children living on the street in Madagascar who may be as young as five years old. No resources. No education. No future. A situation he could only describe as hopelessness.  He also works...

Depression In Women: It Will Break Your Heart

For far too long, mental illness has been seen as a weakness, a choice, a fault of one’s own. The day is still yet to come when there will be bumper stickers with sayings such as “Mental Illness Awareness” or “Let’s Find a Cure for Depression!” There are no charity walks nor are there fundraisers or t-shirts. Despite the...

Six ways to beat the winter blues

1) Participate – do you remember the excitement of a big snow fall when you were little. It was glorious. Your creative mind would jump into action. You’d be out making angels and snowmen. Maybe it’s time to get back out and play. Have a snowball fight with your neighbor.  Put on some snow shoes and go on a...
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