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3 Amazing Ways Reading Can Boost Your Confidence To Make You Feel Better

If you love reading a good book, you're not alone. Millions of people around the world are enjoying the act of reading, and billions have embraced it for centuries. Yet there are many people who don't read for fun, and you might be one of them. Even if you do read, you might not know how reading can be...

A Trip Down Memory Lane… Where the Grass is Always Greener?

trees on road
The other day, I was driving home from work. The rain was lightly falling, so I had decided to take a different route home than usual. I drove down a suburban street in Buckhead, noticing how green everything has become, enjoying the twists and turns of the curves of this road, one of my favorite roads, through the beautiful...

The Year of Yes!

just say
I read. A lot. It’s hazard of both my nature and my trade. Over the years I have read and generally subscribed to the policy of learning to say no. It has served me well on a lot of levels, except one. I forgot how to say yes - to the things I forgot I loved so much, and...

Gain Confidence Fast by Starting to Let Go of Negative Self-Talk

Gaining Confidence
  Healthy balance is tough to achieve for us all. I think the most important single behavior for women to change is the negative self--talk habit. As a therapist, (without the negative self-talk habit), I learned years ago that the majority of my female clients were deeply steeped in negative self-talk. They believed the inner critic who repeated, “You’re not...

Why Celebrities Look Perfect…Even On Their Day Off

In our celebrity-focused pop culture, we are surrounded by images and photographs of people that – let’s face it – always look perfect.  What we don’t see is the prep time, the planning, and all the little things celebrities do to achieve the “easy” flawless looks they portray. An often-ignored part of their appearance is undergarments.  But think about it...

Confessions of a Skinny GIrl

Woman Measuring
My sister and I look nothing alike. When we were growing up she was petite with bright, curly red hair, and everyone adored her. I was a gangly brunette who tended to stay in the background. As we grew up, however, Eileen began to fill out. Her shoulders broadened and she developed what my mother affectionately called “baby bearin’...

Makeup and Mating Rituals: My Journey to Self Confidence

I was seventeen and I had never worn make-up. Not seriously, anyway. My friends had given me “makeovers” which usually included lots of eyeshadow and blush, but I had never worn it out any where. And I didn’t really want to. I wasn’t against the idea, I just had no desire to try it. And then there was a boy. Anyone...

Cottaging | it’s in our DNA

Cottaging | it's in our DNA
Cottaging I was speaking with someone last week who grew up in California. He has been living in Toronto for many years now but the idea of “cottaging” is still a foreign concept to him. Cottaging | it's in our DNA Our conversation started me thinking about my cottage and what it means to me. For starters, calling it mine would be...
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