Stop Guessing When It Comes to Your Health


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With the uncertainty of the current health system, the time is now to become more proactive when it comes to taking control of our health. It’s time to place a larger emphasis on improving and maintaining health habits from the inside out. Fortunately, preventative and personalized wellness is gaining more and more traction these days. Why? Well, millennials, that’s why.

We’ve grown up in a healthcare system focused solely on managing symptoms, rather than identifying the underlying cause and treating it accordingly. Physicians are not solely to blame for this disservice to our health; it’s unrealistic to think that, in the timespan of a visit, a doctor can effectively offer a complete check-up on a patient, extensively research his/her ailment and provide a true remedy for the underlying cause, while bearing in mind the patient’s unique circumstances, hormone levels, allergies, age, lifestyle, and the list goes on. So the vicious cycle continues of misdiagnoses, symptom management, and a less healthy society overall. The healthcare system is funneling money into alleviating symptoms, versus true preventative care. At least that’s how it’s been for the last several decades, but millennials aren’t having it.

Millennials have shown an increased interest in understanding and improving their overall health and fitness. Generations past have sought medical care when needed and worked to live healthy lifestyles. This new wave doesn’t want to wait until they’re sick. They want to start taking care of their bodies now, to look and feel their very best. Many see this time as an opportunity to find alternative ways to maintain a healthy body and minimize doctor visits.

It’s commendable that millennials are more proactive and do their research to live a healthier lifestyle by adjusting their diet and fitness habits. However, the guessing game is still in effect. People are seeing what worked for their friends, family and coworkers and think, “They got results, I will too.” Maybe a diet a friend went on helped them drop 20 pounds, or a new workout supplement showed marked gains in muscle mass; it doesn’t mean that it will have the same effect on everyone. We need insight that allows us to make the changes relevant to our own individual bodies and lifestyles. Only then will we experience real and sustainable results in our health, fitness, appearance and overall well-being.

To eliminate the guesswork and assumption that “one size fits all” when it comes to diet, exercise and supplements, companies need to get to know their customer on a personal level. It starts from within, to learn what’s going on with one’s body. Some people take a quiz about how they’re feeling and within days receive vitamin packets designed specifically to keep them feeling great and staving off ailments. Others are starting to realize the accessibility of easy and inexpensive medical laboratory services that offer direct access to diagnostic blood testing to objectively know what is going on inside their body and match them with supplements and wellness products. This is exactly what I did.

I was misdiagnosed by several well-respected doctors after seeking help for a variety of health issues I was experiencing. The doctors insisted that was nothing wrong, but I was in the worst shape of my life and on the verge of becoming a diabetic. I took my health into my own hands, invested the money to get a blood panel done, and finally learned what it would take to solve my vitamin deficiencies, hormone imbalances and insulin resistance issues, all remedied within three months. Not only that, I was able to get in the best shape of my life after intentionally optimizing specific biomarkers that were causing fat and making it hard for me to gain muscle.

When it comes to your health, you need answers. Removing the guesswork puts you on a fast track toward results. It’s your responsibility to seek solutions, outside of the doctor’s office, make changes and track your progress. There are resources out there that enable you to track and stay on top of your health and fitness. Taking care of your body has cascading effects, not only with your physical shape, but your mood, self-esteem and even your sex life.

Though not all created equal, there are an increasing number of programs and platforms dedicated to helping you find the right plan for you and you only. While millennials are on the forefront of this rising trend, we know preventative healthcare is beneficial to us all and it’s only a matter of time before it becomes the true norm.

About the Author
Brandt Beal is the Founder and CEO of Indur. Founded in 2017 following Brandt’s own misdiagnosis from trusted medical professionals, Indur was created to help discerning men and women improve their health and appearance through direct access to laboratory services; wellness insight; and, healthy, effective supplementation and skin care solutions. For more information, visit