How to Stay Fit at Any Age


As we proceed into the second month of the new year, resolutions —many which involved staying healthy and fit— start to lose momentum. But don’t lose focus now, staying fit should always be a priority throughout the year. And it should be a priority throughout your life. Fitness shouldn’t be something you only work on in your 20s. If you want to have a long and healthy life, set aside the time to focus on fitness. Here are some tried-and-true tips that will help you stay fit at any age.

Fit Kids                                                                                  

Kids live a new era where technology has always been at their fingertips. An obvious decrease in physical activity has resulted from the rise of mobile device technology everywhere. If you’re a parent, get back to the basics and steer your kids in the healthy direction. Enroll them in a park district sport that will force them to be regularly active. Additionally, encourage outdoor family activities like camping or playing a game of flag football. The more you set the tone of the lifestyle kids should live, the easier it’ll be for them to follow.

Alternatively, if you’ve accepted the inevitable new member of your family, that is the iPad or tablet, use it to your advantage in keeping the kids healthy. Download a kid-friendly fitness app like NFL Play 60, created by the American Heart Association. The application uses motion sensor technology, where kids become the players on the screen. They go through the game trying to get through various challenges that are only won by running, jumping and essentially exercising. This way, even if your kids are holed up in the house, they can still stay active.

Fit Teens

With hormones raging, giant appetites and growth spurts springing up left and right, staying fit as a teen can be its own animal. The ultra-fast metabolisms many of these teenagers hold may be useful for when they go through a bag of skittles and chips during class, but poor eating habits can catch up to them in their adult years and set them up for obesity and other health issues. It’s all about changing the smaller habits in this crucial stage of life that will make all the difference later on. For example, teenagers can make a swift switch to eating more nutritious snacks and meals by packing lunch instead of buying from the school cafeteria.

For the teens that constantly have the earplugs in, listening to the hottest DJs and tracks that are out, an app like Spring Moves could bring together the best of both pop culture and fitness worlds. Spring Moves puts together curated music playlists, artists and songs with specific beats per minute, so whether the teens are walking to school or going for a run, they can walk a little more briskly and run a little faster to get more bump in their step towards better fitness.

Fit Young Adults

Whether it’s college or the first job out of school, balancing work and a social life can be tricky for young people, and often times these adults-in-transition let their health fall to the wayside. If you fall in this age bracket, be proactive and aware of just how social an activity is—“social” meaning alcohol- or food-related. Be it a happy hour or a football tailgate, there’s always going to be an opportunity to binge drink and eat empty carbs, and the calories add up. Try downloading a health and fitness tracking app like MyFitnessPal. That way you can see just how many calories you are taking in during the most fun times—it’ll be eye-opening and hopefully help you make more positive choices in the name of health.

Fit Adults

Things become slightly routine in the adult stage of life. Middle age adults should include a regular fitness routine. For instance, if you have an hour lunch break at work, why not hop over to the nearest fitness studio for a quick workout or take a brisk walk outside the office? Incorporating exercise in your day-to-day is a must, especially when there’s no one stopping you. Try getting a fitness gadget like a FitBit so you can stay motivated and feel supported with others that want to do challenges with you.

Fit Seniors

Remember, fitness should be a priority at any stage of your life. Even senior citizens can use technology to stay fit. Thanks to the Lively Wearable fitness tracker for seniors, older adults have the help they need to maintain sound fitness practices. It’s one of the best senior fitness trackers available because of its features, which promote physical activity with a step count, daily challenges that keep the mind sharp and alert, and social engagement that keeps users involved. Plus, if there are any emergencies, like feeling faint, you can simply hit the urgent response button to notify family members via app alerts.

Staying fit and healthy throughout the entire life cycle is absolutely possible. Try out the aforementioned tips and technology that will get you on the right path to the fittest lifestyle possible.