4 Common Signs that Someone May be Depressed


Getting Balance  4 Common Signs that Someone May be Depressed mental health depression signs depression 'face' of depression   The world around us is built on contradictions: magnificent nature, unbelievable achievements in medicine and technology, majestic buildings and amazing works of art; and at the same time, it is full of sorrow, wars, human aggression, and injustice. We all have seen and lived through this and felt disappointed and sad because of it. However, there’s a difference between the temporary melancholy that is followed by the gleam of the perception of the world’s beauty and the protracted depression.

Depression is Faceless

These contradictions around us make people tougher and often less sensitive to other people’s afflictions and worries. “Science may have found a cure for most evils; but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all – the apathy of human beings”. The apathy and indifference is the source of human loneliness.

However, much more often the depression is faceless. You may never tell that a friend, always cheerful and laughing next to you is going through some hard times or even has suicidal thoughts. Though, there are some signs that could help understand your loved people better. This article aims to help you identify them in case someone you know is silently suffering.

Why is it important to know?

Paying attention to your close ones’ mood is vitally important. We mean “vitally” literary, of course. Recognizing depression on time is a matter of life and death, indeed. The light and often changes of the sentiments are the first signs that we usually miss out. The problem is that they continue to grow and can lead to terrible and tragic outcomes. Catching the signs of the depression can save someone’s life. That is why it is very important to find a spare minute to not only ask how a friend is doing but take a closer look at his behavior and actions.

A number of common signs of depression

Symptoms of depression are not always as obvious as crying all the time. Very often we leave the first signs out of attention because they seem as a regular person’s behavior. Here is a list of some signs of depression that can occur.

1. Sleeping disorders. Depressed people usually have troubles falling asleep at night. At the same time it is challenging to get up in the morning. Not only because they haven’t slept enough but because they lost interest in the surrounding world. Thus, they see no point to get up and do something.

2. Decrease of interest. Depression is very often followed by the decrease in usual activities. They don’t seem pleasant anymore and do not bring happiness. Depressed people usually leave their hobbies and practices or change them to something more passive.

3. Change in appetite. From time to time everyone doesn’t feel like eating when anxious or disappointed. Though, people suffering depression hardly cheer up when they are offered their favorite dishes. The food they used to love a lot doesn’t stand out to them anymore. The general decrease in appetite is definitely a disturbing symptom signaling for a problem( physiological or psychological one).

4. Cognitive changes. It is really challenging to focus when there’s not enough sleep. Cognitive dementia is often an adjacent symptom. Depressed people may forget about appointments, the placement of their belongings and have troubles focusing on and remembering things because they don’t see the point to care about them anymore; or simply because of the lack of sleep.

Do not trust ‘it’s OK’

How often do you honestly answer a question “how are you”? We bet not very often. Maybe it’s not a right person to tell about the worries, or you don’t want to overwhelm others, maybe you are embarrassed about the problem or because it’s just easier to keep the problem to yourself. Whatever the reason, we usually answer “it’s ok”. Depressed people act the same. That is why it’s not the best idea to make an account on their answers. Only the changes in behavior and person’s well being can give an honest answer as to how he or she is feeling.

Fighting the depression

Depression is not something that the majority of people can go through by themselves. They don’t realize it but they count on our help. Try to stay more attentive to people around you and try to help when you notice any depression signs.

Recognizing of the depression is only half the way. It needs treatment and help. It shouldn’t be necessarily drug treatment though. There are great alternatives to various medications such as meditation or yoga that help retain the balance, get relaxed and minimize the risk of depression.