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Sleep is very important for every living creature on the Earth. While our slumber, our system gets fully recovered from the loss of energy, some stress, exhaustion and so on. This is the best way to regain your strength. When there occur some sleep disturbances, we begin feeling different health problems.

Commonly, problems with sleep are the result of other health complications. Amongst these are different allergies, respiratory disorders, frequent urination, chronic pain or some other kinds of pain, abnormal stress and increase anxiety. All of these disorders may disturb the sleeping process due to various reasons. It is interesting that stress, as well as too active and prolonged work of our brain, may not allow falling into sleep. Our central nervous system simply gets too excited and cannot calm down even though we really feel tired and sleepy.

The physicians suggest a great variety of methods to overcome sleep disorders. Commonly, they suggest taking different sleep pills, which are very effective. However, their chemical composition may have negative consequences. Therefore, one may try some alternative treatments. One of such is Ayurveda. This is a traditional Hindu system of medicine. Its basis is the balance of all systems of the human body. It includes treatment with different kinds of herbs, diets, and yogic breathing. This is one of the oldest holistic healing systems and its history counts over 3,000 years. This system is pretty popular around the world due to great positive effects. In the United States of America, it is likewise used as a supplementary method of overcoming different health disorders, which are associated with physical and psychological deviations.

The Ayurvedic ideology has many proven and effective methodologies that help to treat different health complications. There are some useful prompts on how to overcome sleep disturbance as well. The Hindu people are known for their great meditative abilities. They can easily sedate their nervous system and have a full control of their emotions. In addition, they always keep the place of their dwelling in order. This is another essential point for the healthy lifestyle.

When talking about sleep methodology, one should follow the next steps:
1. Prepare your room. Your sleeping area, as well as your bed, should be utterly neat and clean. Such measures help to calm down your mind and promote healthy slumber.
2. Make it dark. Darkness sedates mind much faster. Our eyes will see nothing and thus, we will not be disturbed by other things.
3. Reach silence. It goes without saying that we need silence for a healthy slumber. Make sure that your room is sound proof. If it’s not so, you may use ear plugs or something of the kind.
4. Choose the correct bed and pillow. You shouldn’t lie on the very first bed and pillow. You should choose the most suitable ones to sleep with comfort.
5. Choose the right color. The color of your bed, covers, and pillows is essential as well. The Ayurvedic methodology suggests some light colors like blue or purple. Choose the one that soothes your tired mind.
6. Mind the position of your arms. This is an individual choice. Let your arms lie in the most convenient position so that you wouldn’t experience any discomfort or pain.
7. Massage your feet. You will likewise require some soft foot massage. It has a powerful relaxation effect and helps to fall asleep faster.
8. Consider the time. One of the main recommendations of any methodology and any physician is to fix your sleep schedule. Go to bed at one and the same time and your body will get used to it.
9. Avoid the excessive use of TV and PC. You should reduce the time you are spending with multimedia and technology. It has a negative impact on our brain.
10. Don’t stress your mind with unpleasant feelings. Many people adore reading scary books or watching horror movies or tragedy serials. Even though these genres may be interesting, they fill your mind with negative emotions.
11. Consider your diet. You should avoid eating too heavy dinners.
12. Avoid smoking. This unhealthy habit promotes sleep deprivation.
13. Avoid negativism. You should not lose your temper, get angry and aggressive. Try to escape heavy thinking and negative emotions. Calm down before your slumber.
14. Get the oil massage. Oil massage has a very pleasant and healthy effect. It relaxes the entire body. You need it at least once per week.
15. Exercise before the bedtime. It helps to recover strength and overcome anxiety. Make sure that your exercises are light.
16. Use rose water. This is a very helpful remedy that can be used at home anytime you wish. A few minutes of such bath will comfort your mind and will eliminate the signs of sleep deprivation.
17. Listen to music. Multiple studies had proven long ago the positive influence of music. You should listen to music for relaxation, which is light and soft. Don’t make it too loud.
18. Add oil to hair. Use oil while you’re taking shower. Applying it to hair, you will receive a powerful relaxation effect.
Try to remember these smart recommendations. They are really easy to follow and they will bring you only positive and healthy effects. Some of them are well-known to most of us. Ayurveda is the trustworthy system, which will definitely help you.

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