Personalize your weight loss based on Genetic Testing


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Many of us subscribe to mindless and cringe-worthy fad diets to lose just a few kilos. “Stuck on You” star singer Elvis Presley was known to be a fan of the fad “Hibernation or Sleeping Beauty Diet” in which sleep is induced when a person feels hungry to help them loose weight during the hibernation period. With a rising number of obese and overweight people with a greater risk of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart disease and stroke on the rise, Scientists around the world are constantly experimenting with newer and healthier methods to help people shed excess weight effectively and easily. One such study throws light on the connection between weight gain and Genetics and the need for DNA testing.

Am not lazy, I just got the fat so gene

“The whole family is built that way,” might just be the key to unlocking a healthier life. Researchers have identified specific combinations of genes (and there could be as many as 100) that appear to correlate very strongly with fat retention in cells. But this doesn’t mean we have to life with a “forever fat” life sentence. A better understanding of how your body will respond and react to various foods and exercises can help remove a lot of guess work and enable you to set reasonable expectations from your diet or exercise regime.

Fat doesn’t play fair

The diet plan that helped your best friend lose weight might not necessarily work for you, but there is something more effective than can work in your favour. The key to finding the solution lies in your genetic code that contains the blueprint for your body type that can help understand the healthy weight range you must maintain. Studies show that people who used a “genotype appropriate” diet that was tailored for their genetic makeup lost 2-3 times more weight over the period of a year compared to those who used a “genotype inappropriate” diet. Nutrigenetics is the new science that can help you understand your specific food intolerances and how you metabolise different food groups. Nutrigenetics also helps determine if you have gluten or lactose intolerance, your carbohydrate and fat response, vitamin absorption and your body’s tendency for weight re-gain. Your personalised genotype appropriate diet can help in creating a more effective, more personalised diet plan that can optimise metabolism, improve immunity and increase energy levels.

Get fitter and stronger with genetic fitness programs

Genetics impact all aspects of your health. The way you look to what food, physical activities and medicines are best suited for you. Your body is so complex that it would take years of experiments to discover what works for it and what can cause damage. Why suffer the side-effects of guess work when you could have all the answers you need for a successful weight loss plan right now? A genetic test is perfect for someone who is experiencing the yo-yo effect of a failed exercise experiment or for someone who has had no success with fad diets. A Genetic fitness program based on DNA analysis can reveal your true muscle potential. These weight management programs and exercise routine are tailored to address your specific pain points. The results of the genetic test can help you make informed decisions which in turn can help you lose weight by gradually changing your lifestyle. It reveals your body’s fat loss response to exercise and your body’s inherent strengths and weaknesses to help you get fitter, faster. With the help of genetic analysis you will learn your body’s true needs and therefore lose weight effectively with confidence.