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Getting Balance  Pamper yourself to sleep! sleep tips sleep hygiene pampering insomnia
I don’t know about you but I hate rules and guidelines, I find them very restrictive even if they are trying to help me. When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep there seem to be loads of them and they can seem quite strict and very forbidding! Take these for example

– stop drinking caffeine in the afternoons

– set up a bedtime routine

-switch off technology an hour before bed time

One of the tricks that I learnt about sleeping well was to change these round in my head, so that they seemed as if I was pampering myself. And I was, because a good night’s sleep is an affordable luxury in this fast paced world!

Mentally rephrasing the above statements I came to these conclusions

Why not try drinking herbal teas instead of tea or coffee? When my doctor told me to come off caffeine I found it really hard and felt deprived, and still allowed myself a morning cup of tea. I explored the world of ‘decaffeinated’ but just felt as if I was being let down as it didn’t taste quite right. After a while I came to realize that as herbal teas tasted nothing like real tea it was just a different taste and not a substitute, this helped me a lot. I then discovered that herbal teas did actually have a lot of health benefits and help my body in more ways than just caffeine elimination. Check this page for more information. Now when people start to make sympathetic faces when I say ‘I don’t do caffeine’, I have to stop them as I genuinely do not feel deprived but feel as if I am making healthy choices for my body.

How about having a bath before you go to bed? This is a lovely bit of pampering, I add some bath salts or oils, dim the lights/use

Getting Balance  Pamper yourself to sleep! sleep tips sleep hygiene pampering insomnia
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candles, play soothing music to really help me relax and unwind. Then using lovely creams and oils to moisturise my skin and body afterwards and slipping into clean, fresh smelling pj’s all adds to the luxurious, pampering feeling. It also means that I have an easily enforced no screen time before bed too! I have a bath whenever I have to get up really early the next morning and see it as a treat not part of a strict routine.

If you are a couple or family why not start having ‘Family Time’ together each evening? Yes, this means turning off computers, ipads etc so that you interact together in the the last couple of hours before bedtime. Play games, read books aloud, watch a film together (the TV screen is less stimulating for your eyes and brain than a computer/phone screen.) Quality time with your family or partner is always a great feel good session and this way has so many added health benefits as well.

I hope these ideas have given you food for thought on how to pamper yourself a little each day to enable yourself to relax and unwind before bedtime!

Sweet dreams.

Charlotte Welply is a life coach specializing in insomnia and other sleep related problems. You can find her at and follow her on and twitter @CharlotteWelply for more information and help around sleep.

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  1. Get a sufficient sleep is a necessity of human life. So there must be routine of sleep because without adequate sleep person can’t work and make you ill too… Most of the things comes in market which short your sleep like more tea or coffee. This product is harmful for both for health and sleep. Sleeping disorder is a part of depression. Thanks to share your article on sleep.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I agree, sleep is a fundamental part of life and we need more of it for both our physical and mental health, however in the pressurized world of today the simple act of sleeping seems like an indulgence and lack of sleep is seen as a goal or an achievement. A lot of people report having sleep problems but yet most of my clients are reluctant to set up a bedtime routine or removing caffeine from their diet and see it as a hardship and deprivation rather than a means to be able to indulge in a great sleep. I hope this article shows that we can view these acts as way to pamper ourselves rather than deprive ourselves.

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