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Menopause is a fact of life for millions of women worldwide. With all of these women either starting their journey or already having gone through menopause, it’s overwhelming to think that in the 21st century, many of us are still shy when it comes to talking about the painful symptoms of menopause and seeking out treatment.

Menopause affects women in different ways. In the US, as many as half of the nearly 64 million post-menopausal women will suffer from changes to their vaginal health[i], yet only 25% of women that suffer from declining estrogen levels look for solutions from their doctors[ii]. Breast cancer survivors account for another 2.8 million women that suffer from changes in their gynecological health[iii] as a direct result of their cancer treatments, which essentially sends them into forced menopause.

Getting Balance  MonaLisa Touch® Is Changing Lives vaginal rejuvenation MonaLisa Touch Menopause menopausal hormone therapy hormone levels estrogen   Nearly 80% of women feel that the symptoms that accompany menopause have an adverse impact on their lives[iv], but very few seek help. Perhaps, it is due to lack of knowledge or because they are too embarrassed to talk about the issue. It’s OK to talk about it!



MonaLisa Touch – Innovative Laser Therapy

One of the symptoms of menopause is the decreased levels of hormones. This decline in hormone levels following menopause can make the vaginal tissue drier and thinner. Intercourse may also become uncomfortable, which can lead to a decrease in sexual desire and frequency. MonaLisa Touch® can help restore gynecological health to the state prior to symptoms beginning!


MonaLisa Touch treats the painful symptoms of menoapuse via a gentle, fractional CO2 laser that emits beams of light. This creates small injuries in the epithelial layer of the vaginal mucosa, which triggers fibroblast activity which stimulates collagen production.



MonaLisa Touch for Peace of Mind

The MonaLisa Touch is the only technology of its kind supported by extensive clinical studies that have been published in esteemed gynecologic journals. In fact, there are 15 published studies with numerous ongoing studies.


Taking place in the doctor’s office, women receive three 5-minute treatments spaced six weeks apart. There is no downtime with the treatment, it requires no anesthesia, has minimal to zero side effects, and is virtually painless.  Find a doctor near you.



MonaLisa Touch Is Life-Changing

As women experience menopausal symptoms differently, it is up to you and your physician to decide what treatments are best for you. Talking about gynecological health should not be a forbidden or taboo topic . So, if you’re one of the millions of women experiencing the painful symptoms of menopause, which often leads to issues with intimacy, you should ask your doctor for more information on MonaLisa Touch.  You deserve to feel like yourself again, so take back your smile and quality of life today!



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