Healthy Mini Cleanse – Day 4


Getting Balance  Healthy Mini Cleanse - Day 4 #healthylivingarbonne #arbonnenutrition #delialaskinarbonne #healthylivingminicleanse

Good morning! I am well into day 4 of my 10 day mini cleanse. I was unable to post the last two days because I am technically incompetent and my 10 year old was at school all day. I made it through day 1 and he headache is gone thankfully. Day 2 looked a little something like this: giant fizzy in the morning followed by detox tea and a small pre-workout smoothie, an hour of Pilates, a recovery smoothie, 1/2 my body weight in water (lots of trips to the bathroom) an afternoon nap, which I highly recommend if you can especially in the first few days as your energy may be low due to the cleansing process. I assure you, this will shift. For dinner we had egg noodles with tofu and asparagus, another detox tea and an early to bed time. Yesterday being the 3rd day of cleansing I already felt like I had more energy, less brain fog and no need to nap. Again my breakfast was a smoothie before Pilates a fizzy and a recovery smoothie after followed by a detox tea and 32oz of water. The water mind you was not all at once. I went on a 4 mile hike and I felt pretty good. Post hike I had almonds a natural fruit strip and more fizzy. Dinner was egg noodles, all natural meatballs followed by a Greek salad and detox tea. Another 32oz of water over the course of the afternoon into evening. This morning breakfast was my smoothie (I typically have a smoothie for breakfast since I am not a morning person and this is a fast and easy way for me to get in my system what I need and ‘break the fast’ allowing my metabolism to reset) and a detox tea. I am going to share an easy way to make a great and complete smoothie.
Enjoy your day, whatever you are doing.