Wanderlust Festivals Await Your Arrival


There is something comforting and reassuring when you are in an environment surrounded by like-minded individuals. There is a sense of joy, security, and connectedness when you realize that there are other people out there that share the same frustrations, questions, interests, and values that you do. This sense of connectedness is what makes the Wanderlust Festivals so incredible.


wanderlust festivals
Photo by Kylie Turley for Wanderlust Festival

The term wanderlust means a strong, innate desire to travel. Traveling and vacations have taken on new meanings as they are now often focused on health and wellness. Check out these top destinations that will improve your health, or find your bliss in Snowbird, Utah.

Wanderlust Festivals bring together individuals from all over the world to form a community around shared values. The founders of Wanderlust are Jeff Krasno with his wife Schuyler Grant and their beloved friend Sean Hoess. The Wanderlust community has grown based on the organization's pillars of mindful living.

Never before in my lifetime have I felt such divisiveness, fear and complete disregard for the sanctity of what it means to be human or for our environment. It is more important than ever to maintain a positive attitude, inner peace, and to feel a part of something beautiful, inspiring and energizing.

wanderlust festivals
Photo by Kylie Turley for Wanderlust Festival

Wanderlust Pillars of Mindful Living

Wanderlust Festivals highlight the components of mindful living including personal spirituality, yoga, the arts, organics, environmentalism, and conscious consumerism. Check out more information on Zero Waste Living and explore healthy recipes and ideas to create a more mindful relationship with food.

The festivals provide attendees with talented and diverse leaders, speakers, instructors, chefs, and musicians. For anyone that wants to connect with nature, explore new ideas, make new friends, dance like no one is watching, and discover hidden talents, the Wanderlust Festivals are waiting for your arrival.

Wanderlust Festivals Offer Something for Everyone

wanderlust festivals
Photo by juliannelesinski for Wanderlust Festival

The Yoga and Meditation Classes accommodate all styles and levels and are taught by world class instructors. Personally, I would like to try the stand-up paddle boarding as it looks challenging and invigorating all at the same time! The goal of the yoga and meditation classes is to keep the mind and body moving whether you choose a relaxing yin class or an exciting aerial yoga class.

At the Wanderlust Festivals, music is at the heart of the experience. Music can be heard throughout the festival during heart pounding yoga classes or the soft acoustic sounds accompanying mountaintop meditations. Main stage performances will showcase both entertainers that you are familiar with and new artists that will inspire and entertain you. One of my favorites is Trevor Hall singing To Zion.

wanderlust festivals
Photo by juliannelesinski for Wanderlust Festival

If you are ready to unleash your inner explorer, then you may join one of the many activities offered at the Wanderlust festivals including trail runs, mountain meditations, peaceful sunset hikes or downhill mountain bike adventures. There is something to do for everyone, but remember, as they say at wanderlust, always allow yourself wander, because life’s most beautiful moments come in the spaces.

The Speak Easy Talks will give you an opportunity to hear some of the most famous thought leaders of our time during intimate, informal lectures. These discussions will inspire you with ideas on various topics ranging from holistic health, progressive politics, personal empowerment, and community betterment. The lectures will challenge your current way of thinking and bring intuitive, innovative ideas to the discussion.

As the mind and body are busy absorbing the newfound friendships, inspiring conversations, and exploring activities that permeate throughout the festival, you are going to need some healthy sustenance to keep all this fun going.

wanderlust festivals
Photo by juliannelesinski for Wanderlust Festival

The Wanderlust Festivals obtains their food from local food vendors that lovingly pick it by hand. The meals are served as a Farm-to-Table family style which gives each guest a chance to enjoy a delicious organic meal while enjoying the best part of dining: conversing and connecting with the person sitting next to or across from you.

Upcoming Wanderlust Festivals in 2017

Snowshoe, West Virginia                   June 9-11

Stratton, Vermont                            June 22-25

Squaw Valley, CA                             July 20-23

Whistler, British Columbia (Canada)  August 3-6

Tremblant, Quebec (Canada)            August 24-27

If you think that maybe a three-day event may be more than what you are ready for, then you may consider participating in Wanderlust 108. These are one-day “mindful triathlons.” Mindful Triathlons combines three conscious activities including a 5K run (walk, jog, skip or stroll), 75 minutes of yoga, and 30 minutes of guided meditation.

The Wanderlust 108 is the only mindful triathlon in the world, and the celebration takes place in your favorite local park. For more information, check them out here.