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Inventive Tech for the Lazy and Unmotivated

Life in Pieces, Stranger Things, and Mr. Robot.What are shows I’d rather be watching than working out?It doesn’t take a Jeopardy champion to tell us that many of us are lazy and completely unmotivated to get healthy. Obviously, we have a problem and we don’t need to be reminded that the obesity and diabetes statistics are skyrocketing.We already know.Our...

HIIT Workout & 5 Reasons to Try One

HIIT Workout
HIIT WorkoutHIIT, or high intensity interval training, is a workout where you will cycle through the burst of activity that reaches close to 100% of your maximum followed by active recovery periods. This type of workout which blends anaerobic and aerobic activity gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns fat in less time.If that last sentence wasn’t...