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5 Ways to Rethink to Your Resolutions

We’re over a month into the New Year and many people are off and running on their resolutions…literally. Many people take the start of the new year to lose weight and exercise more. In fact, statistics show that losing weight and eating healthier are the top resolutions year after year. If you go to the gym in January, chances...

How to Organize Your Personal Paperwork

5 Steps to organizing your paperwork
 Keeping your paperwork organized has obvious benefits. After all, who wants to look at unruly stacks of bills that could instead be stored neatly out of sight?But having a place for everything isn't just about aesthetics. Being disorganized can create extra work and subject you to late fees. The following strategies will help you bring order to your receipts,...

My Best Organizing Tip

Getting Balance
Getting and staying organized can incorporate many activities: reviewing and sorting out clutter, buying bins or supplies, setting up systems for belongings and more. All of these are important. However, there is one habit which every organized person has embraced, and you can’t be organized without it.My number one tip is… “Put it away NOW”Sure, it is tempting to...

Being Organized — It’s Mental!

being organized
There’s a lot more to being organized than just having a clean home or office. True organization is a mental state -- a way of thinking.Being organized requires figuring out who you really are. This isn’t an easy question to ask. It’s easier to just try to sort the things on your desk, or rearrange a closet.  Asking “Who...