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Acupuncture For Hot Flashes

acupuncture for hot flashes
Leaping into a furnace is how some menopausal women describe “hot flashes.”  Acupuncture for hot flashes may help alleviate the unpleasant symptoms that may include an intense feeling of heat, rapid heartbeat, and profuse sweating. As if those weren’t lovely enough, there is also the possible headaches, nausea, anxiety and dizziness that can go along with the hot flashes....

Menopause – An End or Happy Beginning?

Menopause used to be a scary word for me. I am not exactly sure why but I think it has something to do with the finality of fertility. There is something discomforting about never being able to have children and the image of your biological clock ticking away.Having no desire for more children, makes this seem strange. However, it...

How to Control Hot Flashes

 It's a sad fact of life as a woman, the ever-looming presence of menopause which lurks just over your shoulder, reminding you that one day, yes, even you will be middle-aged.  And one of the most notorious symptoms of menopause?  Hot flashes.  To be fair, some people just get really warm at random times, not necessarily during menopause.  You can...