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5 Vitamins for a Beautiful Head of Healthy Hair

Your hair is a part of your identity. It tells the world so much about you, from whether you’ve overslept to how adventurous and creative you are. If you’re like so many other women, how you feel about your hair might even be tied to your self-esteem and feelings of attractiveness.That's why it’s so frustrating that your hair will...

Buying a Standing Hair Dryer: 5 Top Picks

standing hair dryer
When it comes to having great hair, a lot of things come into play. From shampoo to conditioner to products, they all play a part. Even the tools you choose can make or break your hair day. While many of us probably have hand-held hair dryers, you may want to give the standing hair dryer a try. These dryers...

15 Beauty Tips And Tricks

beauty tips and tricks
Open up any magazine and you'll see countless articles regarding beauty tips and tricks, telling you exactly what you need to do and buy in order to look like a movie star.Well, looking like a movie star is all well and good, but what about beauty tips and tricks for those of us who are just trying to get...