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Find the Best Hair Dryer for Fine Thin Hair

Most recommendations for hair dryers are geared towards people with thick hair looking for a perfect blow-out. I get it, my friends with thick and curly hair spend loads of time with hair dryers. However, I have been searching for the best hair dryer for fine thin hair since my teens. Really, all I've ever wanted is hair like...

Quest for the Quietest Hair Dryer -5 Best Bets

When I was young,  I never thought about finding the quietest hair dryer. Mostly, I was concerned about how effective be on my hair. Would it blow so hard that my hair would tangle? Would it blow too weekly to get the job done quickly? Too hot? No cool blast? It never really occurred to me that I should be looking...

Buying a Standing Hair Dryer: 5 Top Picks

standing hair dryer
When it comes to having great hair, a lot of things come into play. From shampoo to conditioner to products, they all play a part. Even the tools you choose can make or break your hair day. While many of us probably have hand-held hair dryers, you may want to give the standing hair dryer a try. These dryers...