Happy Holidays to Me!… Or A Traveler Like Me


Ok so just to be clear I don’t generally go out and buy myself all sorts of stuff for Christmas. However, after a couple years of saying I didn’t have anything on my list  my son started to notice Santa hadn’t even bothered to get mommy anything. Yikes! So I’ve risked blowing Santa’s cover and sending out some message that Santa doesn’t give mommy gifts. Hmmm. Not cool. So this year I’m making a list even if it’s small stuff I might otherwise grab on a regular basis.

What I love most is to travel. As I reflect on my wishlist I’ve realized these are items I’ve thought of as something that might improve my next adventure.

Bushnell Falcon Binoculars I’ll usually pack some binoculars on a family trip but then we are stuck sharing them. These are highly rated and reasonably priced enough for us to have more than one of.

FlePow International Power Strip and Adaptor So what if you can only find one outlet in your hotel room! Now you’ll beable to charge multiple devices at the same time where ever you go.

Saferin Large Cashmere Wool Wrap Because I get cold on planes and invariably the airline nolonger provides blankets.

Superga Cotu Linea Sneaker/Wedge My friend and I went to a conference last spring, by day two all we could talk about was the need to have comfortable, yet fashion forward shoes. In line at customs this summer, I spied this woman with these crazy platform, wedge sneakers and vowed to try them. Since I never got around to buying them onto the list they go!

Osprey Packs Nova Daypack I am done with totes! If I’m running from one side of an airport to another I want to strap a backpack on and motor! I also want something I can wear as I explore the Grand Tetons on a day hike or dump my laptop in and stow under the seat in front of me if the overhead bin is full.

Osprey Ozone Convertible Luggage Last summer my airline changed my connection from two hours to 45 minutes. 45 minutes that included clearing customs. Insane. I vowed to do everything I could to make future connections easier. My colleagues tell me this rollerboard-backpack is the way to go. BTW I made it to my connecting flight in time only to find it was delayed an hour.