10 Best Travel Accessories To Get You Through A Red-Eye


One of the unfortunate necessities of the holiday season is traveling.  If you want to be with family for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Year's, it will inevitably require some form of travel, be it by road, air, or rail.  It's the busiest time of year for air travel, but millions of people around the globe will suck it up and board a plane sometime this season for the sake of going home for the holidays.

Flying can already be an unpleasant experience, but during holiday madness, it can be even worse.  You might want to get your hand on some of these travel accessories to make your holiday flight(s) a little less miserable.

Best Travel Accessories # 1. Travel and neck pillow

Forget the old donut pillow you used to travel with, this is one of the best travel accessories for being comfortable and catching some sleep while flying.  Wear it like a messenger bag and position it to provide support for your neck and torso, similar to how side-sleepers lie down in bed at home.  You'll be asleep before you know it.

Best Travel Accessories 2. Inflatable travel foot rest

Sitting for long periods of time with your feet flat on the floor is hard on your back, and can lead to soreness.  This handy little foot rest will help by allowing you to elevate one or both of your feet by a couple of inches.  Your legs and back will thank you after a particularly long flight.

Best Travel Accessories 3. Pressure reducing ear plugs

Not only will these earplugs help you block out noise when trying to relax on a plane, it'll also help alleviate the painful pressure you feel in your ears when landing and taking off.  These earplugs have gotten rave reviews from frequent fliers who know all about pain from altitude changes.

Best Travel Accessories # 4. Memory foam neck pillow

This thing is comfort and convenience in one easy-to-transport package.  The pillow compresses down to one quarter of its full size for easy carrying and packing.  The memory foam padding creates the perfect cradle for your head and neck which will allow you to sleep comfortably on a plane.

Best Travel Accessories # 5. The multi-use travel blanket

It can be chilly once your plane is at altitude, but who has the space to carry bulky sweaters and blankets in their carry-on?  This travel blanket folds into its own carrying pouch which you can unfold to cover your body or keep it in pouch form to use for neck or lumbar support.  Not bad!

Best Travel Accessories # 6. Compression socks

Sitting without moving for a long time is bad for circulation, so if you've got a long flight this holiday season, consider getting a pair of compression socks.  These travel accessories stimulate blood circulation in the legs to keep you from developing dangerous blood clots.

Best Travel Accessories # 7. Electronics accessories case

A tablet is almost a must-have for long flights, but how can you possibly keep it protected and organized with the other electronics and charging cords you brought with you?  This shockproof carrying case comes in a number of sizes which will fit any tablet, and also has a separate compartment for organizing your cords and adaptors.  No more tangled wires or fishing for the right cable.

Best Travel Accessories # 8. Silk sleep mask

You need sleep, this sleep mask will help you get it.  Enough said.

Best Travel Accessories # 9. Lightweight, over-the-ear headphones

Audiophiles have their super expensive headphones, but for those of us who just need a little upgrade from those white plastic earbuds and some noise isolation, these headphones are perfect for any flight.  The over-the-ear-design makes them comfortable to wear for a long time, and make it easier to hear your music over the roar of the engine and block out that crying baby behind you.  They're great for travel too, because they fold to lay flat for storage.

Best Travel Accessories # 10. Back and lumbar cushion

This pillow rolls up and compresses for easy travel and provides endless comfort for your back.  Use it on your lower or upper back, and manipulate it into half a dozen different positions in varying thickness to provide the perfect shape for you.

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Photo Credit: Amazon


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